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Mobile Cloud Testing Simplified
Affordable Mobile and Web testing, supporting all the android and iOS devices you desire, from phones and tablets to smart watches and TVs.
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Everything you need in order to be confident in your product's quality assurance.
Use your app just as a real user would on a wide variety of devices.
Using the Appium framework, run your automation test quickly and easily.
Use our Bring Your Own Device app to make your testing devices available to others at your company or to partners with just one click
AuMBER Cloud Mobile Testing Platform, offering a cutting-edge solution for flawless mobile app testing. With over 50+ real devices/emulator combinations available on our public cloud, including smartphones, watches, TVs, tablets, and iPads. Our AuMBER AuBYOD app empowers organizations to make the most of their in-house device infrastructure alongside the AuMBER cloud. Boost your team's productivity with our AI test utility, which generates tests using AI. Even if you don't have test automation yet, you can easily create test automation scripts using AI on the AuMBER platform. Whether you're a small team or a large enterprise, our versatile platform caters to your unique needs, providing the ultimate testing experience.
Choose AuMBER Cloud Mobile Testing Platform today and elevate your testing game. Experience flawless performance, unmatched user satisfaction, and the confidence to launch your app with pride. Embrace the future of app testing with AuMBER and set new standards for excellence.
Au Freemium
  • Sign Up bonus 50 device minutes on AuMBER devices
  • 20 device minutes/monthly on AuMBER devices
  • 45 device minutes/monthly on your own devices
  • 1 BYOD Android Au Community slot included
  • AI Test Utility Access, upto 10 manual tests generations
  • AI Test Utility Access, upto 10 automation tests generations
  • Au App store access (Limited to 1 App)
  • 1 User account for team
Free Forever
Au Freemium with top up device minutes
Number of device hours ($10 per device hour, 5% discount)
  • Everything included as in Au Freemium
  • device minutes on AuMBER devices
Au for Startups
300 device mins/month
1 BYOD Android slot included
AI Test Utility Access
Manual Testing
Appium Test Automation
Azure and Jira Intergration
10 Users Accounts
Au App Store (Upto 10 Apps)
300 device minutes included with 1 device slot
Au for Startups+
300 device mins/month
1 BYOD Android slot included
AI Test Utility Access
Manual/Automation Tests
Azure and Jira Intergration
50 Users Accounts
Au App Store (Upto 10 Apps)

Bring your own device to AuMBER
devices: $/Month

600 device minutes included with 1 device slot
Au for Enterprise
  • Build your own package
  • Be it any Android based IoT device like smart tvs, watches...
  • On premise solution mixed with Au Devices
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AuMBER is dedicated to supporting Antler portfolio companies by providing unique benefits. Any Antler company can sign up and receive free testing minutes, an extended free trial, free consultation sessions, and tailored QA services.
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